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Hey, Again


It has been forever.

Sorry – by the way – I have been awful at blogging the last few months. As totally lame as it sounds, this is mostly because this year has been – in a word – challenging.

Easily, the most difficult I’ve ever experienced.

That’s the thing about any kind of hardship – as an author you’re used to standing from a distance, scripting these narratives where your characters battle through various circumstances and conflicts towards a goal.

When you’re walking through it, it feels way, way less glamorous and rewarding.

The useful, and good news though, is that it IS rewarding.

As we know as authors who plan these wonderful stories, there is always purpose and point, and strength to be gained through challenge. We can learn so much from our circumstances and the battles we face absolutely only stand to make us stronger people.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and promise that I will be back to blogging sometime very soon. I am buzzing with ideas, writing exercises, and book reviews, which I’ll be sharing sometime soon

X Jess



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