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Super Inspiring Notebooks

I love a good notebook – even though I genuinely have ten million tucked away unused I cannot help myself when I stumble into a bookstore and find an adorable new journal

I figured I’d share my three most beautiful with you here

The first I brought from Typo one time – several years ago – and I lost the first version I had, so ordered a new one on the internet from Amazon.

The Sky Writing Journal – basically pages and pages of full colour images of the sky which you can journal on.

For someone who is obsessed with sky photos, this was a game changer for me.

I use my ‘Sky Writers’ Journal for my quiet time/bible study notes.

Here are some photos of the cover and internal pages

The second is one of a collection of Journals you can buy from Gordon Harris Art Stores.

They are lush with heavy paper, red tabs to mark your place, clasps to close and covers which make you feel like some kind of old fashioned intellectual.

There are scores and scores of types, but seriously… I love these. I use mine to plan a specific series I am writing about time travel.

My third favourite notebook I first purchased from Peters of Kensington in Sydney – AKA the best store in the whole entire world.

I saw it in 2010 and absolutely had to have it, and loved it so much with the easy to transport size and cute pink with space to write your name, I went back years later and brought another. I know for a fact you can now buy these at Smith and Caugheys.

With the cutest Rob Ryan designs on the front, inside and back. Again I use this for a lot of story writing, as it is easy to slip into a bag and cart about the place.

PS how adorable is the internal front page!?

Anyway, those are three of my favourite diaries of all time, no doubt at some stage I will post something similar to this again




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