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What I Am Reading Now: I Hated This to Begin With.

You know when you start reading a book and then for whatever reason find it like studying the complexities of a piece of card board?

I had that happen to me the other day.

I ordered this book – it is called The Forbidden Wish, by Jessica Khoury (great first name by the way!)

Most of the reason why is because I am very much on the band wagon of ‘revamped Disney stories’ and this book promised to be a re-telling of Aladdin, which is one of my favourite Disney movies of all time.

Here’s the premise.

The story is narrated by a Genie called Zhara, (in these books, Jinni, or Jinn) who was hidden away in a lamp in a buried Kingdom. Zhara is discovered by a street smart thief named Aladdin, and obviously he becomes her Master.

Turns out Aladdin has his own agenda getting revenge for the murder of his parents, and he is also associated with this kind of peasant vs. reigning class uprising. Zhara however is approached by a messenger of a super powerful Jinn with the promise of her freedom if she can help this super powerful Jinn retrieve his son who has totally disappeared.

The more that the story unfolds, Zhara realizes that there’s a connection between her intentions and Aladdin’s, and that while it looks as though she is going to have to completely sell Aladdin out in the end, this may end up being quite difficult to do because Zhara is totally falling in love with him and the last time she had an emotional connection to a human it didn’t turn out very well.

I will not lie to you, it took me like… a few chapters to get into this book. At one stage I actually tucked it away under the couch which is my universal sign for ‘I-Am-Going-To-Stop-Reading-Now-And-I-Am-Going-To-Take-This-Down-To-The-Second-Hand-Store.’

Regardless, I ended up pushing through and suddenly, I was half way through the book, pretty eager to see what happened. I still haven’t finished it yet, but when I do I’ll totally review, I promise.

There are a number of reasons why this book is awesome.

Firstly, the writing is amazing. Just so lush, and descriptive, but not in that dragging, too many adjectives way.

Secondly, the characters are super interesting, especially the female leads. I have wrestled with books in the past when it came to authors creating bland female characters, well in this book every single one of them is a brilliant star in the narrative.

I can’t wait to finish it and let you know what I thought, but I figured I’d share this story with you because often you start something and it can seem super lame, but in the end it isn’t.

We just have to persevere.



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