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When I Studied Youth and Salvation

A few years ago now, I undertook a research paper looking at the communication of Salvation within the context of Pentecostal Youth Ministry.

I am passionate about young people, and what upset me was that I saw a lot of young people who would make a decision for Jesus and change their whole lives and it would be awesome.

Then, maybe months, maybe years later, they would change their mind.

So I was left thinking, if Jesus dying for us is the greatest life changing truth, then surely it would have more stickability than making one decision, then changing your mind later on.

It has to be this all consuming, transformative reality that changes us from the inside out.

This was my starting point for my research paper.

Recently, I was looking through my old copy and it was actually really, really interesting, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Narrative theology is my all time favorite thing to talk about, followed closely by atonement theory so I find all of this super interesting, and hopefully some of you will too.

Basically my conclusion was that instead of post-it noting Christian messages on top of existing metanarratives (big stories) that young people receive at school/in music/on line/everywhere, we need to actually speak about salvation in a way that changes the baseline metanarrative itself to Jesus, Yeshua, Greek for God Saves.

This idea that we are caught up in this grand storyline, where Goodness will overcome darkness and all of us now, later on and back in the times of the bible are all characters.

Anyway, here’s the link to the bit where I get down to business, hope you enjoy

God is very real, and Jesus can transform the lives of every person. I believe the starting point for that is understanding this Big Story.


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