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Christmas: We All Have That Album

christmasFor as long as I can remember there has always been this ONE particular Christmas CD that I have listened to every single year for my whole life.

This is it.

The Christmas Collection

I think mum bought it in 1995, but since then it has been the go to when it comes to anything related to this brilliant festive season.

It was the CD she put on when she was working at school and I would pop in after class had finished (mum’s a teacher and I went to primary where she worked)

It was the CD we listened to as we drove through the streets of Auckland delivering Christmas Cards to our friend’s houses because hand delivering was always SO much better than posting!

It was the CD that was turned up SUPER loud as we put all up all four of  our trees every year on the 1st of December.

Music is a special thing, because it can anchor you to times in your life.

For me, this album, with its collection of songs embodies Christmas.

As a result I cannot even fathom the idea of a Christmas season without listening to ‘What Am I Gonna Get for Er Indoors’

PS if you don’t know that song, it is hilarious, and about two guys singing about what to get one of their wives, link here:

I would love it if you wanted to comment your favorite Christmas songs or albums, it would be super cool to hear your absolutely musts when it comes to going about your Christmas activities.

Oh and because I do it every year, here’s a link to a hilarious video of my now husband and I singing our super awesome Christmas carol, Welcome to Christmas


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