Books I Read When I Am Stressed

Let’s be honest, sometimes in life you go through periods of just feeling quite stressed.

Perhaps there’s something coming up you’re preparing for (like me and my wedding)

Perhaps you’re somewhere doing something that’s quite emotionally tense?

Perhaps you’re mind is cluttered because you’ve got a lot happening at once?

Either way, here is my list of books that I read when I am stressed.

Unlike a lot of people, when I need distracting of the woes of every day life I don’t like to sit down with some enormous epic such as War and Peace.

I don’t want something I have to think too hard about.

I don’t want anything that has any of the complications of my own life or anything that is super dramatic that it makes me feel MORE stressed.

I want something stupid, warm, fluffy and silly.

So here is my list:

1- Any of the ‘Angels Academy’ series by Annie Dalton. Look. I am aware I am not eight years old, but there is something intrinsically relaxing about a series of books about a time travelling angel who solves issues in the past and future. The books follow the life (or… after life) of Melanie (Mel) Beeby, who dies young and instead attends a school for angels. It’s all adorable happy times basically. The books are around 120 pages and I have this ritual of reading them once every summer.

Get in the mix!

2 – Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I know the controversy about whether she wrote the book or not etc… but Girl Online is a go to book for me. I have already decided it will be my holiday read on my honeymoon. The story is about a teenager girl who has a super popular online blog… only no one knows she’s the one writing it and her life is not super glamorous… I love this book because it is adorable and it is Christmas related. Penny (the main character) goes to New York to help her parents with a flashy wedding, she meets a boy, he’s actually in real life really famous, it has ALL the feels. Seriously, this book has a pretty bad rep for being shallow, but it is the perfect de-stressing read

3 – The Selection by Kiera Cass. Little known secret, Kiera Cass is like… probably my favorite author personality. I secretly think we’d be the best of friends if I ever met her. She just seems super lovely, and her books are really quite beautiful at the core of it. The Selection Series is really awesome. Previously I described it as the Bachelor but in a novel form, but actually Kiera got the idea from the biblical story of Esther. It follows the romantic endeavors of America – a girl in a competition for a prince’s heart. I love these books, and again… Kiera Cass is just SO cool, down to earth and all around lovely.

Anyway, so those are three of my de-stressing books… do you have any de-stress books? Sometimes it is important to take time out for ourselves and relax… and no one wants something intense and weird and emotionally full to read while you’re chilling out


2 thoughts on “Books I Read When I Am Stressed

  1. Ultimate distressing has to be Audible for me – you don’t even have to read because you get read to! There’s a not particularly great but weirdly addictive British crime series on there by Sharon Bolton called the Lacey Flint series.. Def trash all the way when stressed. Am intrigued by your ones, will have to check those out!

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