Not Everything Is Canon

We’ve access to a lot of stuff.

You know?

Heaps of it.

Do you ever get overwhelmed by just how much stuff there is to process? How many point of views. How many opinions. How many ideas. How many methods, theories, the list goes on.

I don’t know about you but I find a lot of stuff overwhelming. When there are so many perspectives on things, and you can’t be entirely sure what’s right or true – as post modernism has led us to do…

Here’s the thing. I’m a Christian. I like to think I am a pretty normal one too.

I go to church on a Sunday, I try to read my bible, or the Word for Today on my phone most days, I pray, I believe in God, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I know bad stuff happens and I know there are things I can’t explain, but I am mostly okay with that.

But then I met weird Christians.

By this I mean, the kind of Christian who makes you shudder/roll your eyes/groan internally because you can’t-believe-they-just-said-that.

And this freaks me out, because I know I’m weird (watch Ancient Aliens, and Finding Big Foot, not that I believe in either) but I am not SUPER weird.

I don’t believe in new age spiritualism

I am not a heads down bums up doomsday prepper

I manage to go about my day to day without accosting anyone with my faith and am pretty okay about talking about my beliefs with people IF they ask me.

But I am terrified that I’m weird and therefore… discredited.

This is because I hear probably well meaning Christians exploiting our faith in someway.

Where they seek God’s word in such a way that it looks more like divinity than discipleship.

Where people so compromise the bible’s value systems to make room for today’s culture of how relationships should manifest (casual sex, living together etc)

Where people pose Christianity and Science so far from one another that they demand you pick one or the other rather than seeing one as a manifestation of God’s creativity.

I see it everywhere. Not just friend’s stating grand philosophical reflections on Facebook but in articles, in websites, books, blogs, it’s everywhere.

And there’s SO much of it.

And it really freaks me out.

Because the world can be confusing when you can’t see the wood from the trees.

After reflecting on this the last little while, I’ve realized something.

Today, we have access to way more stuff that we ever would way faster than we’ve ever seen. You want to know something, a quick google will give you the facts – and a lot of opinion.

Heck I google Taylor Swift nearly every second day and her life sways from being married to being single!

I realized what we are doing wrong, not just as Christians, but people when we understand things.

We treat ALL information the same.

There’s so much so it has no weight. In other words we treat everything as Canon.

Back when they put the bible together there were all these random books. Some were claimed to have been written by random biblical figures, others the church father’s had no idea the authorship of.

So when it came to making the official bible they collected a bunch of church people together and made a list.

They went through ALL of the books and bound together books which were:

– Historically significant (and proven to be so)

– Written by eye witnesses or credible sources (and proven to be so)

– Consistent with the over all theological belief

There was other stuff too but I can’t be bothered going through church history. Basically they assigned a weighting system to the books and they selected only the genuinely historical, accurate and authored books rather than the Gospel of That Random Guy which was made to sell money in the early church or to achieve so-and-so’s social ideals.

Now we have a bible which we can rely on, that makes sense, that you know was written by actual significant people (apart from Hebrews, because who knows!?)

As a result there is a big difference between the bible and an article written by the Relevant Magazine.

Issue is these days because we are so OVERWHELMED by stuff we treat it all the same.

But it’s not the same. Not everything is canon.

This is what people are good at: telling you what to do, or what they think is right. I have realized that in being engaged.

But in all areas of life we need to look at the sources of information and ask ourselves ‘what is canon?’

Some random horrible person tells you that you’re super pale and shouldn’t wear skirts (it’s happened to me) is it canon?

Some person tells you your writing is dry, is it canon?

Someone tells you that you’ll never make it/do it/be it? is it canon?

Just because someone says, thinks, or writes something, doesn’t mean it’s true.

I wanted to remind you of this today, because in today’s world especially, with so much out there, we have to decide inside ourselves what we know, TEST IT (this part is important) and then and only then treat it as canon.

After all, as Taylor Swift says, haters are gonna hate, but it doesn’t mean their horrible words are gospel truth.



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