A Few of My Favorite Things: 25th Edition

Today is my birthday! (Or tomorrow… for those of you reading in other parts of the world)

As a result, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few details of what 25 looks like thus far


What Am I Listening to Right Now?: 22 – Taylor Swift, because I’m ironic.

Where Am I?: Work… but I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

Today Is: Thursday… and it’s super sunny, despite being the middle of winter. As a result… freezing cold!

What I Ate for Dinner Last Night: Fish and Chips (Fush and Chups if you have a particularly bad New Zealand Accent) because YOLO.

How Many Coffees So Far: Only 2… so I have a lot to catch up on seeing as it is already 9am!

What I Had For Breakfast: Lemon Meringue cake!

Current Favorite Song: I Found Love – Owl City, Mobile Orchestra

Current Favorite Album: Hours –  Falling Up (have fell in love with this again the last few days)

Current Favorite Book: False Prince – Jennifer Nielsen, of course. If you haven’t heard me gush about this, check out some earlier blogs!

Current Favorite Nail Polish: Colour 23 from Pretty Please Nail Polish Co. given I just bulk ordered 52 of them… but when I’m not wearing blue I’m wearing Muchi Muchi by Essie!

What Book Am I Reading: Editing the third of my books, called The Deceiver… such is life.

What Am I Working On: Final book in a series called the Tasks, High King… and it is STRESSING ME OUT!

Goals for This Next Year: Get married (which thankfully is happening) get back into teaching Gideon Classes, and actually push some of my manuscripts to go somewhere (this last one is hard…) See Boney M in Concert this October!

Best Thing That Happened When I Was Twenty Four: Getting engaged was a highlight, there were other great things, like Jurassic World, and so on.

Favorite Movie: Uh, duh, Jurassic World.

What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up: An Author, because the best thing is getting to share your stories with people, and seeing them connect with it.

Anyway, so I am pretty excited about twenty five, here’s a super adorable picture of me as a baby.



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