A Little More Music: The Cranberries

I’ve mentioned this before, but my Granddad taught me to sing.

He had never learnt an instrument himself or anything he was just one of those people naturally good at music. I’ve been told he could play song, on any instrument by ear, with the exception of a guitar.

Anyway, he passed away in 1999, but even today I still have very much the remnants of his singing to me when I was very little.

This is because somehow I end up singing with a natural Irish lilt.

At times this has been somewhat irritating for me, because of endless jokes about the Corrs or the Cranberries. ‘I’ll bet you can sing Zombie super good!’ someone once said. I’d never really tried…

Then in the car one time I did and nearly gave myself a fright. With a little encouragement to round off the natural lilt and a change in pronunciation I could channel some extreme Irish vibes.

I’m not an amazing singer or anything, but I do love to sing, so I’m sort of messing around with doing some Irish Folk music. This isn’t Irish folk, obviously, but I’ll share it anyway!

This is my iPad+Out of Tune Guitar cover of the first little bit of Zombie… because I am too embarrassed to sing it in public



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