Can I just Say: On Complaining.

I live in a country called New Zealand, in a region called the South Pacific.

There are all kinds of places in New Zealand, some super hot, some super cold, some that rain all. the. time. others where it never rains.

But I live in Auckland, the largest of the cities, which is sort of in-between.

In the summer we average around like…24-26 degreesish while in the winter it can be quite cold, like 6-8 degreesish. The weather is pretty mild, aside from impossible humidity during the summer which suuuuuucks.

This weekend, however, for some reason it was ridiculously cold – at least by Auckland’s standards.

So today (Monday morning) I got up, went to work, and it was like… 2 degrees well until 10am this morning. I had to ring our Christchurch process partners to ask them to see to something at one of our buildings down south. (I work in commercial air conditioning FYI)

‘It is pretty cold down here this morning,’ Christchurch-Guy said wistfully, ‘went down to negative seven last night!’

‘Yeah it’s pretty cold alright,’ I replied, ‘we even had negative one’ (because we did.)

Then he did something SUPER annoying.

‘Huh!’ he scoffed, ‘well I don’t need to make any ‘soft Aucklander’ comments do I?’

He couldn’t see me, but I was giving him the look of death.

I have beef with the rest of New Zealand.

See in this country there is this perception that all Aucklanders live in Ponsonby or Herne Bay, sip Lattes or Flat Whites and eat Eggs Benedict all day.

As a result of that we are perceived as ‘soft’ and are therefore never allowed to remark upon anything being difficult/hard/remarkable.

What was super annoying was that I was just making polite conversation – he was just being an obnoxious Auckland-Hater.

True. Story.


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