Pretty Please Nail Polish: Colour #23

Twenty three just happens to be the date I was born on, so I am pretty attached to it.

It is ALSO the very best colour available through Pretty Please Nail Polish (www.prettypleasenailpolish.com)

Look, I will go on at length later – because this is wedding surprise related – but I found this company in 2011 when I first started work.

You have to understand, I ADORE nail polish. I own easily over 90 colours, am totally obsessed to the point I can tell the difference between ‘Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It’ and ‘Monsooner or Later’ (if you use OPI you’ll totally understand that.)

When I found this company that you could custom order colours AND name them, I was like, oh my gosh I need this ASAP.

Issue is I live in New Zealand which is a country that very few places ship to… which was a total bummer.

Flash forward to this year, seeing as I am getting married I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, it would absolutely be a dream come true if I could buy this nail polish for Top-Secret-Thing-To-Do-With-My-Wedding…

But they still don’t ship to New Zealand.

As a result, a friend in Louisiana agreed to receive the parcel and she shipped them onto me.

Behold, Colour #23 from Pretty Please Nail Polish.

I will give more detail soon, but seriously, check this place out.



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