Why I Am Excited For Summer

While I am delighted that it is indeed my birthday in like… ten days, I am not super excited that it is the middle of winter.

I had to get up at 5am for work today, get in the car, freezing cold, in the dark and partial rain and drive into the city…

It has been raining for days.

Down south there’s a heap of snow and because it doesn’t do anything remotely exciting as snow in Auckland all we get is the following:

– Rain

– Super cold

– Overcast


It is for this reason I am of course thinking about summer. Just FYI, summer in New Zealand is the best ever, all the more in Auckland.

Here’s a few things I am looking forward to.

us in yardChilling out in my back yard, eating super yum sandwiches for lunch.

summerLong days so you can do hipster stuff like roller blading at 7:30 at night!



Chilling outdoors with cats in the sun

summer4The fact that CHRISTMAS is in Summer, which feels like a super awesome oxymoron!


MAIRANGI BAY! 030Morning walks to the beach

Anyway, if you like me are super bummed out about winter right now, I hope this has made you feel a little better.

Totally at work today, but dreaming of long days, BBQs, shorts, and hanging out in my garden.


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