I Have To Talk About the Gilmore Girls

You have to understand something.

I absolutely love the Gilmore Girls.

I know like… perhaps 30-40% of you reading this may have lost all respect for me, but I can’t help myself.

The thing is, I didn’t get into it super early either. Because I’m bookish and brunette throughout high school I had people who would say ‘Oh you look just like Rory from Gilmore Girls.’ At the time I was hugely insulted because I thought Rory was a boy.

It was only after school, when I was at university I got into it.

In a BIG way.

I brought every DVD, have watched each episode like… at least eight times… (some more)

Here’s the thing.

YES, I understand that Loralai’s love life can be emotionally exhausting and predictable (especially when you binge watch the seasons like I have)

YES, I understand that Rory at one stage turns into a super moron (especially when Jess is involved.)

But I love it.

But this is why at the rumors of a possible reunion I am like… basically unable to suppress my excitement.

This is why: Resolution.

I don’t understand why people have to be so frustrating and never completely close the door on things. In hindsight probably because they wanted to do something like this but also because of writing/drama within the team I think…

All this aside, sometimes THE END is just what you need.

I was watching the last episodes of How I Met Your Mother the other day (another show I am obsessed with…) and I know some people hate the ending but I absolutely adore it. You get a sense of resolution. You know what’s happened, how their lives turned out.

I don’t want you to leave it to my imagination, I want to be sure.

Anyway, I am pretty excited. Also.

I am 100% team Logan.


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