What I’m Listening To: Story of the Year

I brought my first Story of the Year Album when I was in High School… it would have probably been 2003.

I remember it pretty clearly because buying an album was a whole lot different then because very few people had iPods (unless you were super rich) and most of us listened to music on an MP3 Player so you either illegally downloaded it or you ‘burned it’.

It was near Christmas and I was helping out with the Hospice Memory tree down in Browns Bay and across from the bank where we were collecting was the CD and DVD Store, which is now known as Marbecks which then changed into something else which has now closed completely… I think?

Anyway, I went across the road during my break and looked through the CDs. I’d never heard of Story of the Year before, so I did what you did when you brought new CDs back then.

I asked the sales person if I could listen to it.

So he took it to the little CD player with the headset attached and let me play it.

I was looking at the Page Avenue Album, and I was super stoked. The songs were awesome. The perfect balance of edge with not too much screaming (because I am so not a screamo girl…)

I decided to buy it and it was SUPER expensive, because back then I got 10$ pocket money a month. I remember it was 34.95, and I took it away with me, caught the bus home and listened to it non stop.

Ten years later (2013) Story of the Year released an acoustic version of this same album and I only just discovered it the other day because my brother showed it to me.

It is REALLY good, and it’s what I am listening to at the moment.

Check it out



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