Book Review: Lauren Holbook Series – Erynn Mangum

This week I basically read nearly the whole Lauren Holbrook series by Erynn Mangum.

They are actually really great!

I read them way back when I was at university and hadn’t actually picked them up for ages.

Essentially the series is this: Lauren Holbrook is a compulsive match maker, pairing up friends and quietly manipulating their love lives. She’s also a caffeine addict (like myself) and the way she narrates the books of the series are 100% hilarious. Basically what happens is she meets a guy called Ryan and the three books overview their love story, while also the stories of her friends/and family (in whose lives she meddles)

The series is written by Erynn Mangum – a Christian Author who is also apparently a caffeine addict. She has authored a few other books which are also pretty awesome but Lauren is my favorite of her characters and I would totally recommend these books:

– Miss Match

– Rematch

-Match Point

PS: Apparently Erynn has also released other stories in this setting (not necessarily about Lauren) on Kindle

Highly recommended… I read books 2 and 3, but that was only because someone’s ‘borrowed’ the first one and I never ever got it back.


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