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Why I Will Always Love Owl City

Here’s the thing, often someone will ask me who my favorite band/singer is and I will blink at them and slowly like… internalize a million things.

It becomes this sort of internal debate where I am like… gosh. My automatic response is Owl City but I mostly listen to Taylor Swift.

I need to be honest with you, Owl City is my favorite ever band/music act/artist.

Here’s why.

There is a sort of inherent ability Adam Young has to creating music that is more a feeling than a telling of an experience.

By that I mean the words he constructs his songs with don’t tell you matter of fact what happened or provide you with an obvious metaphor. He paints feelings, how the senses process the event or sensation.

It’s awesome.

I first discovered Owl City on a radio station when I heard ‘Hot Air Balloon’ and I was like, holy moly this music is awesome. The layers of the music, the construction of the songs, it was brilliant. Then I googled ‘them’ and found a bunch of their other songs.

I truly fell in love when I heard the Album All things Bright and Beautiful, if you haven’t heard that album, you need to get a hold of it right now. It is one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed mostly because the music is just so alive and so complex but so easy to digest.

After that… I’ll be honest, Midsummer Station wasn’t super my jam, but some of his single hits like Wolf Bite and Up all Night (off the Ultra-Violet EP) and Tokyo (so good) are awesome.

Owl City has a new album coming out this year and despite it being ages, and despite how I feel about Midsummer Station, he’s still my favorite musician.

I know this because I listen to his covers of ‘Can you Feel the Love Tonight,’ and ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ ALL THE TIME and because every time he’s been to New Zealand I’ve been to his concert.

Owl City is awesome. I know you probably think ‘Oh right, Fireflies…’ and if that is the case, listen to some of his stuff, he is awesome.

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