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Mind Blown: I Need To Apologise to Ben Aflleck

BlogpostWhen it was announced that Ben Aflleck was going to play the new Batman I developed this grudge against him.

This was mostly because in my mind it seemed completely unfair that he would play two super heroes.

I don’t know if you remember but Ben played Dare Devil in a 2000s super hero flick.

In my opinion he’d made his bed and now he needed to lie in it.

You cannot tie yourself to two kites!

Then it was all ‘Ben Aflleck is playing Batman’ and I was like, Uh, he can’t do that, he’s Dare Devil.

So since then I developed this eye rolling ‘Oh yes, because Ben thinks he’s cool enough to be two heroes’ sort of thing. It was like, ‘who is this guy, thinking he’s cool enough to play TWO super heroes!? Gosh Ben, you’re the only person in the world so full of yourself that you figure you’re alright to assign your face to two comic book characters!’

Then last night I was watching the Fantastic Four with my mum.

It was in watching it that I sort of looked at the dude to caught on fire (I can’t remember his name nor can I be bothered googling it because I think the Fantastic Four is lame…) and I was like:

Hang on. This guy looks familiar.

So I googled him (the actor, not the guy with the flames on him) and instantly it was like I saw everything clearly.

Guy-with-flames-in-Fantastic-Four is Chris Evans!


What is this!?

Instantly, I felt awful because I’d been trashing Ben Afllick for ages now and he wasn’t the only actor to consider himself important enough to play two super heroes.

I’m not sure if you – like me – haven’t noticed this before, but what the heck.

Anyway, so now I have to apologize to Ben Afllick.


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