My Very Genuine Fear: The Silmarillion

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I am not a huge Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan.

This is a problem because there is an assumption that

1) if you love writing/reading you should


2) if you are a New Zealander apparent it has become a part of our national identity to the extent that it’s the theme of our national air carrier (Air New Zealand)

Anyway, I am sharing this because I was reflecting recently, how little the ‘Hobbit’ movie is and yet how Peter Jackson managed to make three nearly three hour films on it.

As a matter of fact I could probably READ the Hobbit faster than you could watch all three movies.

Now there’s another book by Tolkien that I like on more of an intellectual level… (as in, I have read parts and quoted it in theological essays to sound intelligent but I don’t sit down and read it for LOLs for fun of any kind…)

This is the Silmarillion. The myths and legends behind the world of the Lords of the Rings/the Hobbit.

It is a BIG book, and at times, random as hell.

My fear, however, is that one day Peter Jackson will realize that there’s this huger, massive Tolkien book out there that he hasn’t yet made a movie of and will then make seventy-eight films about it.

Anyway, fingers crossed Peter Jackson never finds out about it and we can all be spared several more years of ‘Middle Earth’ related references.


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