The Ups and Downs of Character Relationships

relationshipsTo write great character relationships you have to be both up and down.

I was thinking about this the other day.

I’ve heard it once said that to be a really great rounded person you have to have friends in the same stage of life as you, then people who give into you, and then people that you give into.

It is basically the same for characters.

Often our instant thought is to introduce cast members at random without entirely thinking through who your main cast actually NEEDS to be supported by.

The more I think about it the more I realize that you have to be strategic and like mentioned above have relationships which function both up, down and sideways.

Your character must have people above them. That they aspire to, that they are beneath the leadership of, that they admire, that they hate, that are older than them, more experienced.

Your character must have people in a common circumstance, beside them. Friends, enemies, people in the same stage of life, or skill level or situation. People they can relate to.

Your character must also have people beneath them that they influence. Younger? Weaker? People your character influences, or leads, or is admired by.

All of this create a fully alive character with multi dimensional relationships.

Anyway, it was just something I was thinking about the other idea.

Here’s a picture to go with!


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