Poorly Recorded Wedding Mash Up

So I love music.
Like, heaps.
I am that person who will make you listen to a song and then point out everything that I have decided is ‘Brilliant’ about that song.
Anyway so when it came to picking a song to walk down the aisle to… Needless to say I took it pretty seriously.
With much thought I have decided that I might mash up two very special songs for Josh and I.
‘Everything I Do’ by Bryan Adams, and ‘Electric Blue’ by an Australian band.
Mostly because ‘Everything I Do’ is my mums favourite song and she always tells Josh and I off for singing it silly when it comes on. ‘Electric Blue’ a song Josh and I sing heaps together that is just… Well awesome. Check it out if you haven’t.
Anyway, this is my on my iPad recording/didn’t actually know how to play this song
I am pretty pumped about it


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