Everything I Learnt About ‘Rivalry’ I Learnt From Pokemon

When I was younger I played a lot of Pokemon.
I watched a lot of Pokemon.
I drew my own Pokemon.
I had those little plastic Pokemon action figures you could buy in small Japanese toy stores.
It has only been recently – however – that I have realised how much of my understanding of narrative has come from Pokemon.
I intend on making a few of these posts but I figured I’d start with rivalry.
Everything I learnt from ‘Rivalry’ I learnt from Pokemon.
Of course I’m talking about Gary.
Gary who seemed one step ahead of Ash the whole way, to begin with on the day they selected their first Pokemon, to basically every gym badge.
Pokemon taught me that it is important for your character to have someone who challenges them.
Pokemon taught me that generally your character was the underdog and that their rival had an advantage of some kind.
Pokemon taught me that as an author or creator it was essentially your job to create a rival who is not likeable at all (perhaps they have an annoying voice or are followed by a flock of screaming girls)
It is weird now as I look back at how much of my writing (both early and late) includes elements of the rivalry we are taught in Pokemon.
I suppose we are all influenced by the stories that we enjoy. Hold tight because some time soon I plan to write about what Pokemon taught me of friendship and romance too!

Anyway those are my Waitangi Day musings, have a great weekend!


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