All That Glitters – Take Two

Shana, Shana, Shana…

When will you ever learn?

Okay so I have read Book 6 of the All That Glitters Series by Kristi Andrews – Take Two is book 2 and features the same ol’ issues for everyone’s favorite 80s Soap Star, Shana Bradbury. Boys, hates her job, fights with her grandmother.

To be completely honest, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I adored ‘Set Up’. I can’t quite put my finger on just why that was…

Here’s the premise.

Shana’s grandmother Edith (a HUGE Soap Opera Celebrity) joins the cast of Shana’s show ‘All That Glitters’ and this is a major problem for Shana. Edith is super bossy and starts making Shana do late night rehearsals and other dull things because she feels Shana’s acting is slipping. Meanwhile Shana’s boyfriend Mitch dumps her for a mystery girl who Shana suspects is her best friend Katie! MEANWHILE Shana meets Kirk a tennis star who is guest staring on her show and is super hot!

I’ll be frank with you. It is a lot of drama, and most of this is rehashed in Book Six – at least in my opinion – so maybe that’s why I didn’t like it as much?

The storyline was pretty predictable, which usually I love, and it was overtly fluffy and sweet, which I usually love, but I think what I struggled with was the generic-ness of the storyline.

There was nothing hugely special about Shana in this book… in fact, she sort of bordered on unlikable in parts. I really liked Shana in Book Six, but in Book Two she’s a bit of a moron to be honest.

In saying all of this, it was an easy read, I did enjoy it, but it lacked the spectacular-ness of the other book I have read so far in the series.

The reason for this may be because different people wrote the books – I have googled the series intensely and there’s a rumour that Kristi Andrews doesn’t exist and that a team of writers wrote the ‘All That Glitters’ series. Apparently facts change all the way through (Like ages and stuff, which is a massive laugh)

Anyway, here’s some photos!

cover take twoBack cover - take tow


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