Christmas Traditions

Okay, I know.

I haven’t posted in ages and ages.

This is mostly because I still haven’t entirely mastered posting from my iPhone (something I should work on this year) and have been away from work since the 19th of December and therefore away from my desk top.

I genuinely hope you had a brilliant Christmas and New Year – I did. It was really cool, actually because this Christmas I found myself thinking about the stories we tell through tradition as a result of our family structures, histories, and experiences.

Here’s a few of my traditions for Christmas Eve.

View from outside christmas eveThis was the view from our deck (over looking my neighbour’s house and the catholic church) Sitting outside with my mum because the weather was SO hot

ChristmasEveDinnerSee on Christmas Eve my family has what is known as a ‘Party Friday’ Dinner. This generally means an indiscriminant amount of junk food such as chips and dip, twisties, and oven made pizza.

crumbed sausagesAnd of course, crumbed sausages. If you haven’t tried these… do. I got a discount from the butcher in Milford because supposedly it is hugely uncommon for a girl to buy crumbed sausages (it is a man thing, I am told?) Anyway. YUM.

It is funny how we have these narrating traditions in our lives, which especially feature at times such as Christmas. For me on Christmas Eve, they are sitting outside on clear evenings, eating a hugely junk food dinner, and crumbed sausages.

These traditions, narratives, these stories are going to be the things we remember, and share, and perpetuate that will become part of our big story of our lives. I figured I’d share a few of mine, so feel free to share yours if you’d like, I’d love to hear them 🙂

Happy New Year, by the way.

I’ll be posting a little later on today regarding a little project I have planned for the start of this year, but more on that later

🙂 Nice to see you all again


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