What I Read This Weekend: Girl Online

Is it terrible that before I found out about the book ‘Girl Online’ I’d never heard of Zoe Sugg or Zoella (as she is called on her blog/vlog/etc)?

I am kind of bummed that this is the case because holy moly, I really, really, really enjoyed Girl Online.

Okay, so the premise of the book is this:

There’s this girl, Penny, who lives in Brighton in the UK, and her parents are involved in wedding planning/purchasing. She’s this total walking embarrassment who has really awkward things that happen to her ALL THE TIME and the only place she can be truly herself is on her blog as ‘Girl Online.’ Basically what happens is that Penny’s parents are contracted to coordinate a wedding in New York shortly before Christmas (Christmas story, YAY!) and while there, Penny meets a boy named Noah and it’s all pretty emotional/dramatic/cute/perfect from there. I won’t spoil anything but it all gets pretty crazy.

I loved pretty much everything to do with this book.

Firstly, the main character while being that typical ‘I am super uncool,’ kind of character had this really raw flaw. Most characters float blissfully through the novel lamenting their social circumstances. Penny wrestled deeply with anxiety and fear and we saw her walk through that in the book.

Secondly, a Christmas setting. I love Christmas. It was just such a warm and fuzzy holiday read.

Thirdly, the travelling to New York/staying in a hotel and all the pretty, sparkly, coolness totally reminded me of one of my favorite books as a kid ‘The Queen Mary Family’ by Enid Blyton. Which is basically about a family from the UK who travel to New York on a boat and as a kid I was struck by it because obviously I’d never done anything like that and it sounded awesome.

I demolished this book in under 24 hours. Buying it Friday evening and finishing around midday Saturday.

It is the perfect holiday read and I absolutely loved it.

Now I know there’s all this controversy about whether she had a ghost writer or not, and blah blah blah but at the end of the day, as a reader, I don’t care because Tom Clancy did too so whatever. At the end of the day someone wrote the book, and it was puffy and sweet and entirely satisfying.

You can grab a copy here:


Or here:



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