There Are Cool Things In This World If You Look For Them

4leafYou know that feeling you get when you discover something awesome, and you’re like, ‘How did I not know about this before?’

I’m like that with cool stores, or the awesome jumpers or really great cheap brands that make really good nail polishes.

I was reflect on this today because I found this super awesome BBC Radio 2 Album (which of course I don’t know about living in New Zealand so forgive me if you know about it) and it’s a whole bunch of modern singers covering 80s music. This is significant because someone covers Romeo and Juliet which is by far the best Dire Straits song ever.

I had this realization recently.

If you’re willing to look, there are some really awesome, really beautiful things in this world.

I don’t know where it ever became a good idea to settle for the easy option. To settle with what initially comes to mind because you can’t be bothered or ‘don’t have time’ to dig deeper.

It’s kind of like that with writing. We’ll quickly select the first option which floats to the surface instead of taking the time to search out the exceptional.

I find myself super guilty of this at times, but was reminded again today that the world will only fail to surprise and excite us when we stop rising to the occasion. There are brilliant things to be written if you’re willing to search them out.

So my dad and I find a ridiculously large amount of four leaf clovers. We go for walks most evenings and no kidding I think we’ve found about fifty or sixty in the last 18 months. And even a couple of five and six leaf clovers too!

I was telling someone this once and they were completely astounded, convinced that I had found this bush that was clearly not a clover.

So I did what any sensible person would do. I Googled it. See finding a four leaf clover isn’t actually THAT unusual. Yes they’re uncommon but if you are willing to look, you’ll find them.

I think writing and coming up with ideas and just about anything in this world is like that. If you’re willing, you’ll find it.


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