It Is Not The End Yet.

Sometimes things happen when you least expect them to.

Sometimes we get so lost in the middle of things and concepts that we don’t understand that it is not over and we just have to keep going and get a better, fuller scope and things will make sense.

So in New Zealand at the moment there is a level of hysteria associated with a chocolate milk made by Lewis Road Creamery. The excitement is in the most part driven by the fact that the chocolate milk is made chocolate by the use of Whitakers Chocolate.

For those who do not live in New Zealand, Whitakers Chocolate kicks the ass of every Swiss/Belgian/Whatever chocolate ever. No kidding.

Anyway so you actually can’t buy a bottle anywhere. No kidding. When fresh stock is delivered to a super market someone will post it on social media and generally it is sold out in minutes if not seconds. The place that makes it is super snobby too and will only sell it the same day it’s made so only selected retailers have it.

I tried to find it once or twice with my boyfriend but failed.

It’s funny how we often stop in the middle of something. We don’t realize that we’re not seeing the full picture of our story.

I have been working on this ‘key relationship’ dynamic in my book. It is the final book and this is THE core relationship so it has to be perfect, and I was super struggling and finally I realized the reason I was struggling was because I was stopping too soon. I wasn’t looking wide enough at the full scope and explore the future a little more.

Likewise I was having a total ‘Life Freak Out’ last night and my boyfriend stopped me mid freak out and told me that I needed to calm down because I wasn’t at the end yet.

I thought that was super interesting because sometimes we struggle with concepts or storylines in a way that’s unnatural because they are unnatural. Because it’s not the end yet.

If you just keep going it will make sense.

Anyway so today I was at the physiotherapist and before hand I thought I’d stop in to get something to eat. While there I spotted a girl holding the all too familiar brown bottle with the golden lid that I’d seen on social networking and the news and promotional material.

‘Where did she get it!?’ I wondered internally, looking around not so subtly.

Then I saw it. Near the bottom of the drinks cabinet, two rows of the coveted so hard to find chocolate milk.

It is not over yet.


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