Throw It In The Bin

Last week someone was talking to me about my ‘creative process.’

So in normal person talk I am pretty sure that’s the ‘How Do You Make Up The Stuff That You Make Up?’

They wanted to know how I:

– Got a concept

– Planned the concept

– Expanded it into actual material

– Edited the material

It was weird because I’d never quite thought that through before. Generally it’s something I just kind of do and as much as I totally keep a blog I don’t think too hard about stuff that I guess just happens out of natural intuition.

Anyway so I had to think about it because I had to give this person an answer.

What surprised me the most was my thoughts on editing, because I am pretty ruthless.

Once, I heard that the most inspiring thing that a writer can keep in mind is this:

Write better.

As a result, not only is it the two words written in the front of every single notebook I have it is also the initials that I pen when editing any work. W.B in the margins.

No jokes, if you look through some of my drafts, pages and pages and pages are crossed out in highlighter with those two letters hidden to one side.

I mean if it’s not good, then don’t keep it.

As a result, editing for me isn’t a gray area, it’s a yes or no. Is this working? Yes or no. If Yes, it stays, if No, do something else.

I am a huge fan of keeping stuff because you never know what you may go back to and recycle but then there are times where things just suck.

I wrote a song this week that sucked. Really sucked.

Played it to my boyfriend, and he told me it sucked. That’s how much it sucked.

Anyway. Top stop myself from doing this thing that is super dangerous, ‘settling’ I selected the file.

Then I deleted it.

Sometimes you have to throw it in the bin.


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