Write Better

I think that trying to be better is an attitude kind of thing.

A constant striving to be the best you possibly can.

Often I meet two kinds of students:

– Those who allow absolutely every form of hardship to deter them

– Those who face difficulty with a kind of fierce determination to not be moved.

Those who will end up doing something – really doing something – with their gift are the second kind and I’m sort of ruthless with the fact now.

Initially when I facilitated the Gideon Course I’d tentatively note the importance of self management and determination. Now I will just state that those who have will power will be the ones who become authors.

It’s the truth though. If you allow absolutely everything to nudge you off the course you wish to take, you’re going to end up else where and your dreams in a scattered pile of nonsensical rubbish.

Harsh but true.

The word ‘better’ is Germanic. It comes from the word ‘best.’

I don’t know about you but when I think about wanting to be the ‘best’ I possibly can it’s pretty intimidating. You may or may not feel the same way, but seriously, it suggests a dimension of difficulty or facing challenge. But that is when you have to decide which kind of person you’re going to be.

The first kind, or the second kind. It’s basically up to you.

And the constant striving to be better is hugely important to writing. I have probably said it before but when I tackle any kind of editing I am sort of horrible to myself. But someone has to be.

I will read through a text and highlight huge sections where I feel I have not entirely hit the nail on the head, I will write W.B in the margin.

W.B: Write Better. Because at the bottom of it all, that is what we need to do as authors. Always write better if we can.

Every single time you start anything, there’s a kind of zealous enthusiasm to it. The issue is that this passion will not last forever. It is when that enthusiasm runs out, or when you encounter difficulty, or think ‘Holy Moly I am the WORST writer ever’ that instead of stopping and stalling you need to decide within yourself to be better.


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