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Book Review: Girl Online Going Solo

I am taking a deep, deep breath before I start this. Mostly because it is no secret that Girl Online is probably one of my favourite book series of all time. (Written by Zoe Sugg, aka YouTube sensation Zoella) It always seems to appear just when something super awesome is happening in my life (like…… Continue reading Book Review: Girl Online Going Solo

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The Best Thing You Can Have As A Writer (And In Life) Is Accountability

Accountability. It is one of those words. A word which can either make the ‘A Type’ personality in you beam in eager anticipation in the delight of  feedback or cause you to wilt with reluctance and eye up any possibly exits. Although, more and more recently, I’ve realized it is absolutely crucial to being a successful writer…… Continue reading The Best Thing You Can Have As A Writer (And In Life) Is Accountability

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Book Review: Songs About A Girl

It is pretty obvious that this book is basically about One Direction. Songs About a Girl, by Chris Russell (who FYI is a musician, and also previously worked as a ghost writer for a One Direction fan club…) I spotted it in Whitcoulls earlier this week sitting there with the shiny cover and cheesy blurb…… Continue reading Book Review: Songs About A Girl

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Super Inspiring Notebooks

I love a good notebook – even though I genuinely have ten million tucked away unused I cannot help myself when I stumble into a bookstore and find an adorable new journal I figured I’d share my three most beautiful with you here The first I brought from Typo one time – several years ago…… Continue reading Super Inspiring Notebooks

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The Importance of Actively Engaging Imagination

Imaginative story telling has always been a huge part of my life – as you’d imagine! When I was growing up my dad would tell my brother and I stories about ‘Ratty’ our stuffed animal Rat – which sound effects included. My granddad would often tell me stories of Leprechauns, and Fin McCool the Irish…… Continue reading The Importance of Actively Engaging Imagination

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Creating Characters

So yesterday I got to teach a short session on looking at character development. Why it matters to a story and some techniques young writers can use in order to get to know their casts better. I figured I’d share with the internet, in case there are any lovely teachers out there who want to…… Continue reading Creating Characters

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Book Review: Dear Dylan

Read this book on Friday – literally, I read the whole thing, cover to cover on Friday. It was called Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham, and I was pleasantly impressed. I brought two of her books, Shipwrecked and Dear Dylan, and I figured Dear Dylan would be my least favourite so I started with that…… Continue reading Book Review: Dear Dylan